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 Possibilist is a project from Tim McCormick (in San Francisco & Portland) and collaborators to describe/research/prototype a platform to:

  1. Constructively gather and evaluate ideas to address particular social issues (e.g, housing affordability); and
  2. Facilitate development of existing and new response inititatives via an "ideas market" and incubator platform. 

The name "Possibilist" is a reference to political philosopher Albert O. Hirshman's concept of "possibilism"; also, a pun on AngelLlist, CraigsList, etc.  (project was formerly called Civic List, as in an AngelList for civic projects). 

See also full background and research notes at:  Possibilist_concept_document page. 
See also discussion, notes on Twitter:  @Possibilist_

Project doc for working group


This project grows out of some earlier explorations in civic technology and online publishing. These are described in:   
Tim McCormick, "Collaborative Argumentation and Advocacy." (June 1, 2013) and "Can we turn news articles into action? proposal for civic-ideas markets/accelerators." (August 16, 2014). 

Also, subsequently I've been involved in a variety of civic engagement & prototyping processes, such as:


thanks for input from & discussions with many people, including:

Evelyn Rodriguez. 
Dan Parham, Neighborland. 
Santiago Siri, DemocracyOS.
Tim Bonnemann, Intellitics Inc. 
Ben Schiendelman


Possiblist is currently a MediaWiki site (same software as Wikipedia) with visual editor added for easier authoring.  All pages are public and editable, but to create an account and edit you must register and confirm an email address.  (Note: huge spam attack problems otherwise!)

To add a page: 

Method 1:
Type new page name into Search box. On resulting \"no results\" page, there will be a link to create the new page. After creating it, don\'t forget to create a link to it from somewhere!

Method 2: When editing any page put in a new page name within double square brackets, like  _

When you save the page, this will become a red link;  click on that to create & edit the new page. 

Software setup: 

  MediaWiki    1.24.1
  WYSIWYG editor:    1.5.6_0 - CKeditor 4.5.1
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